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5 Great tools to help you restock your first aid supplies - VIDEO

5 Great tools to help you restock your first aid supplies - VIDEO

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5 Tools to help you restock your first aid supplies - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYQOJTI2s2k

It's time to check your first aid cabinet and you're not sure where to begin.  You might be confused about what supplies go into the cabinet, maybe what's required or simply how to go about beginning the process.  Today, I want to tell you about 5 great tools to help you refill your first aid supplies.  Spend a minute, save a dollar, here at MFASCO Health & Safety.

I have been helping people refill their first aid supplies for over 30 years.  During that time, I have seen people give up and get frustrated because they don't know where to start.  So, I want to show you 5 great tools we have created on our website to help you restock your first aid supplies.  Click on the Restock Link at the top of our homepage and you will see all 5 different tools that we offer.  ReStockKit, My Item List, Build-A-Kit, Refill This Kit and Complete Refills, a category we created for you. I am going to spend just a few seconds highlighting each of the tools.  We have created videos for most of these refill systems and a couple are pretty intuitive, not needing a video to tell you how to use it.  Let's begin.

If you want to refill an industrial 2,3,4 or 5 shelf cabinet, this is by far the easiest and fastest way to go.  We use a picture of a pre-filled first aid kit as your guide.  Simply click on the product you want and tell us how many you would like and you are all done.  There is a checklist and reminder option for this refill system.

My Item List
Create your own custom "reorder list" by using our quick and easy to use feature known as "My Item List".  This feature only works with customers who are logged in.  While browsing our products, notice the "my Item List" link displayed on every product page.  When you see an item you would like to re-order in the future, save it to your own personal "My Item List" and then whenever you like, these items will be quickly available.

We are excited to unveil a brand new feature, designed to help you restock and maintain your first aid kit.  Regardless of what type of kit you have, Build-A-Kit will allow you to restock an existing kit or custom build a brand new kit to your specifications.

Refill This Kit
Many of our first aid kits can be easily refilled.  Navigate to a first aid kit we sell, scroll down the page and look for the "refill This Kit" tab.  All of the items contained in that kit are listed for you with and "add to cart" button, ready for you to reorder!

Complete Refill Category
Ready made refills for industrial, home, auto, outdoor, school, office, sports, travel, personal, specialty and pets can all be found here.  Complete refills are made for a variety of kit sizes.  So go to the complete refill page and look for the one that best meets your needs to give you a quick start to replenish your first aid supplies.

Those are the 5 tools to refill your first aid supplies.  We would encourage you to choose one of these as your favorite and use it often so you can keep up to date on your first aid supplies.  Thank's for taking time to read this.

Sign Up - Sign In
We would love for you to sign up here on our website.  You will be added to our mailing list automatically.  We send out coupons, promotions, specials, and any product updates, usually about once a month so sign up now and save!  In order to get all of the benefits of these refill systems, be sure to sign in first.
How to Restock Your First Aid Kit

How to Restock Your First Aid Kit

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"How To Restock Your First Aid Kit" is the last of a three part series  showing you how to inspect, sanitize and restock your first aid kit.  In this article, we use a standard 4 shelf industrial first aid kit as an example but the principles can be applied to any first aid kit.  See our "How To" section for more articles.

In this article, we cover how to determine what supplies you need, how to create a checklist and how to set up regular inspections.

1.  How do I determine what first aid supplies I need for my kit?

 This is usually the most difficult part for most people but in fact is pretty easy.  We can figure this out by taking a minute understanding the purpose of your kit, what potential injuries can occur and the OSHA requirements for your workplace (if applicable).

Purpose and Use of your first aid kit
This is easy.  The purpose of any first aid kit is to treat minor cuts, scrapes, burns and other types of injuries.  In the workplace, it is not only meant to help the employee, but also to keep them productive on the job.  The kit is not to be a first responder/EMT bag.  It is for basic first aid that employee╒s can access.  All of the supplies maintained in the first aid cabinet are common sense supplies that everyone is familiar how to use.

Identifying Potential injuries.
Carefully look at the past injuries you have treated.  This will help determine they types of first aid supplies you will want to have available for use.  Do you have cuts and scrapes?  If yes then include a variety of bandages and gauze.  Are you experiencing dust and particles in eyes?  If yes, consider including eyewash in your kit. Also, look at the environment you are in.  Are you stocking a first aid kit for a sheet metal cutting operation?  If so, MORE bandages, gauze and blood pressure bandages should be included than normal.  If there is welding or any type of heat then additional burn gel should be stocked.  Flying particles, dust or chemicals would require you to keep more eye wash type products.  Woodcutting would demand splinter tools and bandages.  If this is for a home, simply consider how many bandages, gauze and burns you have treated in the past year or two.  Plan for any potential injury by having supplies ready.  So, if you have never had someone severely cut, that does not mean you don't need a pressure bandage.  Always keep basic first aid supplies on hand for any potential injury.

OSHA  / ANSI requirements
If the first aid kit is for a workplace, OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) has requirements for first aid supplies at work.  Generally speaking, if your business is in near proximity to a medical facility (10 minutes) you might not be required to have a first aid kit.  BUT, it is common sense for every workplace to be prepared and have a basic first aid kit at a minimum, a first aid kit that will help treat minor cuts, crapes or burns.  Why pay money to send your employee off property to a clinic for a bandage?  OSHA expects that workplace first aid kits are to maintain or exceed the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard.  Most likely, your idea of a basic first aid kit will contain much more than the ANSI minimum requirements.

If you keep a record of your injuries, this can be very helpful in understanding the types of common injuries that occur.  Under OSHA's new record keeping regulations, record keeping is not required for minor injuries or use of the first aid cabinet unless it causes time off work or the injury is treated off site at a medical facility.

The ANSI requirement offers a great starting point for any first aid kit.  The ANSI Z308.1=2009 minimum required items are:
  • (1) First Aid Guide
  • (1) Absorbent Compress 4ΓÇ│ X 8ΓÇ│ minimum
  • (16) 1 X 3 Adhesive Bandages
  • (1) Adhesive Tape 2.5 yard roll
  • (10) Antiseptic Treatment Applications 0.9 Gram each
  • (6) Burn Treatment Applications 0.9 Gram each
  • (4) 3ΓÇ│ X 3ΓÇ│ Sterile Gauze Pads
  • (2) Pair Medical Exam Gloves
  • (1) Triangular Bandage 40ΓÇ│ X 40ΓÇ│ X 56ΓÇ│ min
  • (6) Antibiotic Ointment Applications 0.5 Gram each.

There are also now ten items listed as Recommended Supplies including:
  •   Analgesic (oral, non-drowsy formula)
  •   Bandage Compress, 2ΓÇ│ X 2ΓÇ│ min.
  •   Breathing Barrier, single use
  •   Burn Dressing, 12 square inches
  •   Cold Pack 4 X 5 min.
  •   Eye Covering 1/4 thick min.
  •   Eye/Face Wash Sterile 4 oz. min.
  •   Roller Bandage 2 X 4 yards min.
  •   Hand Sanitizer

So, to answer the question, "how do I know what supplies I need?", you need to know the purpose of your first aid kit, identify your potential injuries and also be sure to include ANSI required items.  Once you have a list, we can move onto the second step in refilling and restocking your first aid kit.

 2.  Create a Checklist

Based on step 1, you should create and keep a first aid checklist.  If you need help, we have 4 different resources for you to check your first aid kit supplies.

Build-A-Kit- Create your own custom printable checklist at our website.  You can select the container, supplies and even give them a name.  The list can be saved for quick and easy reordering

My Item List- On the MFASCO website, search for each item you want to keep in your kit and add it to your "My Item List".  When you need to reorder, simply go to the "My Item List" page and print your list.  Check your cabinet and mark off the items you need.

RestockKit- This is a simple graphical checklist.  MFASCO Health & Safety has several checklists already made and ready to use for each of the industrial first aid kit types (2-5 shelf).  Our RestockKit program uses a simple graphical checklist that will help you remember where each item is placed.  When it is time to order, simply print off a checklist, check the cabinet and then place your order here at MFASCO.  If you have your own custom list several easy ways to create a checklist and methods to set-up regular inspections.  See a helpful "how to use ReStockKit" video here

Refill This Kit Now - We offer a complete line of industrial first aid kits.  Each of these kits and many of the other first aid kits we offer include a great refill option.  Go to any product detail page for one of these kits and look to the right of the description tab to find the "Refill This Kit" tab.  See the example picture here. 


3.  Restock & Refill

Once you have a checklist, go to your cabinet, compare your list to what you currently have in your kit.  By this time the only thing in your cabinet should be good usable inventory.  Anything old, partially used, expired etc.. should be thrown away.  See our article on how to inspect your first aid cabinet.  

Order Supplies Based on Usage
It is important you remember to plan for usage between now and the next time you inspect your kit.  If you go through a lot of bandage strips, be sure to order enough to last you until the next time you order.  Also, if you have 1/2  a box or less left, consider ordering another box.  When you stock your kit you will combine the two boxes together.  Most boxes of bandages, ointments and medicines are designed to have extra space to combine a new box with some left over product.  We will talk about mixing expiration dates in a moment.  Complete your checklist and order your items. 

Organize Your Cabinet
After you have placed your order and it arrives, it is time to restock your cabinet.  Use the graphical checklist if you forget where things belong.  Also remember to group your products by type and keep it consistent.  This is the time to place the items where they belong, every time you replenish.  If you are combining a new box with a partially empty one, inspect the expiration dates (if applicable) and be sure to place the older stock in front where it will get used first.  For medicines, place then close to the drawer flap where people reach for them first. 

Now that your first aid cabinet is setup, the key is to maintain it.  We have an automated reminder system that will email you when it is time to check your first aid supplies.  You can find at any of our first aid kit restocking areas of our site including Build-A-Kit, RestockKit and My Item List.  We have also included the reminder option on any first aid kit that offers a refill list.  Look for the "Refill This Kit" option below the description on the product page. 
Restocking a basic 4 shelf industrial first aid kit is fast and easy

Restocking a basic 4 shelf industrial first aid kit is fast and easy

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Restocking a basic 4 shelf industrial first aid kit is fast and easy.  If you have a first aid kit that is hanging on the wall in your place of business, chances are you have either a first aid service that you are paying way to much for OR you are trying to do it yourself.  More than likely, you are getting frustrated because you can find the products you need or you aren't sure what is suppose to go into the cabinet.  If that is the case, I have a solution for you.  Spend a minute, watch this video and save quite a few dollars here at MFASCO Health & Safety.  (The video transcript is below)

Hi everyone, thanks for joining us.  My name is Mike and I am with MFASCO Health & Safety.  You're watching this video because you saw a picture of a first aid kit that looks something like yours and you need to refill it.  You may have had a service that was taking care of it before or you may have realized how expensive it is to keep a service.  Maybe you are trying to do this yourself and you're not sure where to start?  

I'm Going to show you a quick, fast and easy way to do this and it is a great refill source as well.  As you go to our website www.mfasco.com and in the search area above, enter "4 shelf".  If you have a 3 shelf or 5 shelf cabinet, you can enter those search terms and you will come to a search results page that looks like this.  Here you will see refill packs, empty boxes and complete kits ready to go.  

In our example today, we are going to take a look at the 4 shelf refill pack.  Here is the page and this picture represents all of the refill items that are listed in this refill pack.  Maybe you don't need to complete refill pack?  You might already have items in your kit and you only need a few of the items or just need a guide to help you pick the right items?  This is a completely ANSI approved first aid list of items shown here.  But, this is the tool I wanted to show you.  Look down the page a little bit and you will see the description.  You will also see the "Click Here To Refill This Kit Now" link and you will see a list of every item that is in the refill pack.  You will see the add to cart option, the price, you can change the quantity and the title is there as well with a picture.  

So, if you want, you can select only the items you need and this is the best and fastest way to do it.  This is a great refill system and a great tool and we would love for you to take a closer look at this tool and use it for your refill system.  

Thanks for visiting us today and have a great day!